This life can be quite complicated at times. Today, many of us struggle through life and can’t seem to comprehend our very own lives because this life just appears to be a mystery to us.
Philosophers and religious people have tried for many years to interpret life the best way they can. Many have tried to find an explanation to why we act the way we do and why life is unfair to mankind.
There are so many interesting rules, laws, beliefs and theories mankind has chosen to believe and hold dear. But occasionally these believes don’t hold true. For example the law of karma. It is believed that whatever a man sows, he would reap consequently. Many times it is so but at times it really doesn’t follow. I know a lot of mean and wicked people who didn’t reap what they sow – getting away with their evil deeds as it seemed and I’ve seen a lot of great, hardworking, kind and loving people, suddenly cut short in their prime with grave disappointment, sickness or even death.
I’ve seen some wicked people get away with murder and I’ve seen innocent people rot away in jail for crimes they know nothing about. As humans, we naturally try to explain all these away and call it destiny. But the fact remains, the law of karma, does not appear to happen 100% of the time.
Yes, most times people reap what they sow, but not all the time as I’ve seen many wayward girls eventually marry lovely and caring gentlemen and I’ve seen very decent, responsible ladies wait and wait or end up with very wicked and abusive husbands.
I’ve also seen very diligent, intelligent, hardworking people struggle to make ends meet and I’ve seen average workers, average scholars and average thinkers enjoy mega financial breakthroughs in life. Truth is hard work and intelligence does not always equals good success.
If this is the case, should it then mean we should give up and resign to fate or act as we like? Definitely not so. What it means is, there’s more to success in life, than theories, philosophies and long standing principles.
You see, many people today are struggling in life, are frustrated in life and are not happy because they are reacting to life. You can never conquer life if your strategy is to always react.
Truth is, it is perhaps not your fault that you react to life most times because we are mostly raised to react to life. Our upbringing sets our minds to react to life.
These reactive tendencies are founded on certain theories and beliefs based on past experiences which perhaps have ceased to be a fact, as life is not pure since but a social science. Things change, people change and seasons change. What failed yesterday could probable work well today and what worked yesterday may fail woefully today.
Predicting life exclusively based on history and antecedents makes you reactive and not creative with your own life.
A great life is a life you design for yourself not a life lived based on pre conceived philosophies and theories on matters of life that may be outdated.
The power or potency of any theory is still judged on the consequence of its outcome. If the outcome of a rule hurts no one, destroys nothing, is legitimate and not offensive to God our maker, break the rule.
If you want to enjoy an exciting fulfilling life, approach life different from how everybody else do. Be positively unconventional. Chose to be crazy in a good way. Only positively crazy and daring people rule in life. Acting like everyone else makes you be like everyone else – just another statistic amongst the masses.
Outstanding people don’t always live by the rules of how things were, they break the rules in constructive ways and amazingly deliver incredible results.
Crazy thinking births shocking inventions like the GSM phones, the internet, aircrafts, electricity, satellites, warships, rockets and mega factories. These inventors didn’t react to life, they created a life that they owned and controlled.
Let me share something interesting with you this morning. You see, mankind is born with what I call the king nature. Every human being has a natural disposition to being a king, a ruler – we are, by nature, dominant, controlling-always wanting to have our way in everything.
Check out little children, when they want something and you don’t hand it to them, they get very upset and cry and throw tantrums until you give to them what they want, that is the natural king nature. The will and desire of the king must be done. We are all like that. We are by nature kings, we love to rule.
However, our territory, planet earth, the domain we are created to rule and preside over is a very rebellious territory. Everything by nature and order rebels against the wish and will of every human king to dominate.
For everything you desire and ask for, life will first say no, until you fight and conquer and subdue that aspect of life, then you’ll get a yes.
As a baby you must fight your inability to talk, you must fight your inability to walk, you must fight your inability to run; you must fight your inability to dance and jump and read and write and learn and think and pass exams. Life is rebellious, you must fight and conquer to remain the king of your own life.
Every time life rebels against you and wouldn’t let you do what you want, your human king nature can’t handle it as disobedience is repugnant to our king nature. Kings hate to be disobeyed. Disobedience is unacceptable to kings. It bruises the royal ego and makes kings feel less than their true sizes as kings.
Kings can’t handle rebels. Mankind can’t handle rebellious situations in life, they are upset by it; hence they fight it. Mankind naturally wants to subdue and crush rebellious situations in life.
Now, truth is the different rebellious situations in life would demand a different conquest strategy from mankind. Why many fail in life is, they have no efficient war or battle strategy to fight and conquer the various kinds of life rebels in their unique configurations.
The weapons are different, the war style and approach also vary depending on the rebel type you want to conquer.
The battle strategy for poverty is different from the battle strategy for sickness, it’s also different from the battle strategy for betrayal and different from the battle strategy for hate.
For example there are some battles where you don’t need prayers, what you need is wisdom, there are some battles where wisdom will fail; the winning strategy is love. There are even some battles where you don’t need prayers, wisdom or love what you need do is run, take off, run away, then return when you’re stronger and more powerful.
There are some fights where serious studying and knowledge is the winning approach. For example, hard work is not the answer to that rebel called poverty. Knowledge and humility will make you very rich even if you’re not that hardworking. You can actually hire people to do the hard work for you if you know what they don’t know and you’re humble. Many people don’t know the weapons against poverty that’s why 3% of the population in Nigeria control 87% of the wealth and resources in Nigeria. It is not by hard work Mr. Workaholic.
Conquest in career, education, relationships, marriage, self-esteem, riches, relevance, talent, ability, respect, dignity, honour, power and material possessions require different battle strategy from your human king nature.
The original you is a king, however, the more battles you lose the less you see and think of yourself as a king. Check it, I promise you, you’re a king by nature. It’s the only logical reason for your anger when you don’t have or get what you want. It’s your king nature.
Don’t let this rebellious life treat you less than whom you really are. Forget the principles and rules of those whom have lost battles in life before you. Stop reacting to the rebels in life, create your own kingdom.


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