Nigeria Can’t Change When Everybody Is Corrupt – Dr Paul Udensi Calls For Anti Corruption Crusade


Oct 18, 2016 – Nigeria Can’t Change When Everybody Is Corrupt – Dr Paul Udensi Calls For Crusade Against Corruption

The entire world is fighting economic and financial corruption, but with less efforts to eradicate moral corruption, which is the root of all corruption. The level of corruption in the world today is caused by evil desires. And corruption destroys, whether it is moral, economic or financial corruption, it makes a nation poor, kills hard word, hinders progress and gives bad name to a person or a nation. Decency is now a thing of the past because morality has gone out of the window. The shamelessness in this generation and perverted morals are appalling. Moral corruption will always bring down the judgment of God on the earth, every religion believes in this.

It is a pity that mankind as a whole has increasingly degenerated into morally corrupt society. It is quite unfortunate we are living in a world where wrong is right. Even the society helps us to be what we are. And in turn all that we do affects the society badly. A society may become disorganized and desolate, in danger of complete destruction from within because its people are behaving without any regard for the consequences of their action. Terry Crist, once said “we are living in a generation that is convulsed in sin. This is a generation of academic excellence, an age of unmatched technological skill, an era of unsurpassed technological development. Yet sadly enough we are also engulfed in moral retrogression, secular humanism, financial upheaval and political instability. Crime is rapidly increasing throughout the world and ravaging the face of modern society”.

Today you and I are living in the very midst of that faithless and perverse generation. Ours is an unfortunate generation, famines rampage and decimate nation. Where terrorism and protest deprive millions of people their jobs, homes and families. While pollution blights the landscape and malnutrition percentage soar in some places. Something must be done to set us free from fear, destruction and immorality. Of a truth, the evil of crime and licentiousness in our society is unbelievable and shocking. We must no longer stand helplessly aside or recoil from duty while immorality brazenly threatens to infest all that is good and pure in our society.

The law enforcement agencies over the years have fought against crime and corruption, though corrupt themselves, nevertheless, they view with alarm the rising crime rate and frankly admitted they cannot do the job alone but need the wholehearted support of individuals in the form of enlightened attitude and willingness to assume public responsibility. All of us should be genuinely concerned and we should do all we can to handle the crime and immorality of our times, both for our own protection and for the well being of our society at large. Our time demand for a change of attitude and relegation of reprobates.

Immorality is the circumstances that breed crime and must be eliminated. Immorality as we know is a global problem, a deadly disease that needs attention, and the place to begin is at home, our hearts and conscience. The gross immoralities are but magnification of evil beliefs held in individual human consciousness, while joy and happiness are the result of strict adherence to moral. If nothing is done now to prevent immorality and its participators. I see the darkness of its effect covering the earth and the gross darkness of the people. God help us. Immorality is the mother of corruption, and economic and financial corruption cannot be eradicated until the root of immorality is destroyed.

We cannot change a country where immorality both at the top, middle and low level is the order of the day. If we must change, we must start from our youths now, the grassroots for a better leadership tomorrow. You can only bend a stick when it is fresh, old or dry stick will break. We need ethical and moral regeneration at all tiers of government for the rule of law to take root in our country, that body of moral that shapes our character to produce good conduct is fundamentally necessary to stabilise our positive disposition to the well conceived government pursuit for the supremacy of the rule of law. What next if we know all these? We need to work and disabuse the corrupt minds of our people if we actually need a change.

I therefore call on the Federal Government, the Federal Ministry of Youths and Culture, Federal Ministry of Information, state governments, the local governments and other related agency to honestly embark on a crusade against immorality in our dear country, for a better tomorrow and for a brighter future for our children. I love Nigeria, I love Africa, What about you.

Dr. Paul I. Udensi


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