Ways Kokomaster broke our hearts


Remember the good old days when hit songs like Tongolo, Mogbonofeli Feli, Fall in Love and Oliver Twist were club bangers and everyone’s national anthem. The days when a track from the talented Don Jazzy and D banj had everyone jamming in the car? Well those days Dbanj rocked the airwaves and radio sets are long gone but we are still mad at him. The entertainer like he normally called himself was the real deal. His tunes, produced by Jazzy were the coolest tracks. Remember the fall in love music video with Genevieve that had everyone envious of such a “power couple.” Those days, every jam from him was hit, back to back. However, we understand growth is essential and the guy just moved on to greater things, doesn’t mean we are not pissed he left us missing his “entertainment.” The truth is the duo, Jazzy and Dbanj were a perfect mix. You know how Ice cream is a nice but with caramel topping or any topping is great? Well that’s how those two were, until they decided to break our hearts. READ ALSO: These flashy African musicians flaunted their diamond jewelry and got it SNATCHED Honestly we are still mad at Dbanj for moving on but he is still super hot.

1. Chilling with Amber Rose


Dbanj and Amber Rose

Hanging out with the diva, Amber Rose. Making all his lady fans jealous.

2. Toys


Dbanj with one of his toys

Rich guys drive expensive toys. All white rocking.

3. 6 packs dot com


Dbanj shirtless


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