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A man should be willing to do housework – Zack Orji Read more:


Distinguished actor Zack Orji
This time, veteran actor Zack Orji has given reasons why men should be willing to do house work. He used himself as an example revealing that he sometimes washes the toilet because there are no cut roles for anybody in his house. “I did domestic chores and I still do. For me, a man should be willing to do housework because it is his house. I wash the dishes sometimes. It is not about showing love for one’s wife or one’s family. I just believe that since it is my house, it is something I should do. Also, when the children see such a thing, they will endeavor to emulate it. My children sweep, cook and do other house chores.”
He continued:“There are no cut-out roles for my wife or anybody in my house. There is no rule that says my wife must cook or do other things. I wash the toilet sometimes since everything one needs to clean the toilet is there.”




Dj Syrax, aka Yellow Jesus, entered the world of electronic dance music at a peculiar moment in time. Since moving to lagos he has played many guest slots at parties all over the island including M&H Executive, Diamond bar, Val times, Fresher, Angels Bar at Badore. He is one of a very small number of house, club and street Djs who use turntablism & scratching in their DJ sets and he relishes multi genre mixing – he will play anything as long it’s round. And good of course.

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