WATCH: Dalung Makes Another Blunder: ‘The Funds Spended Was Properly Spended’

Solomon Dalung,the Minister of Youth and Sports, who is apparently very unpopular among Nigerians, has yet again stirred another controversy after his grammatical blunder on Friday, December 16, 2016.
Solomon Dalung Gaffes Again: ‘The Funds Spended Was Properly Spended’

Solomon Dalung Gaffes Again: ‘The Funds Spended Was Properly Spended’

It would be recalled, Dalung’s shortcomings started to yield to prominence in August after he was ripped apart by Nigerians for referring to the U-23 team of the West African nation as the “United States of Nigeria”, while fielding questions from newsmen about the Dream Team’s inability to fly out to Rio for the Olympic Games.

On Friday, the House of Representatives committee on Sports had summoned Dalung and other officials to appear before it over the non-payment of allowances of the victorious Super Falcons.

When asked by one of the committee members why the Ministry was spending more than the allocated budget approved by the National Assembly, he said:

“The funds spended were properly spended because we got them from the intervention funds from Mr President”.

The Chairman of the committee Bukar Lawal however advised that the sports ministry must re-appear before the committee at a later date.

Nigerians – well known to be highly sensitive to flaws on Twitter-sphere – would have overlooked that blunder, but this same minister, whose dressing of Khaki and red cap is taken after Che Guevera, had previously goofed when he referred to the state he visited their IDP camp for a football match as ‘Gongola State’a state that had disintegrated into Adamawa and Taraba since August 27, 1991.


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