FINALLY!! Wizkid Denies Snubbing Eva Alordiah’s Fiance At The Headies Award 2016

The crowd was in rocking mode when Wizkid walked in at last night’s Headies award, and it was evident with everyone jumping to their feet and chorous of his name was sang. He was ill. Nobody expected him to show up.

Entering into the venue, Wizkid snubbed his own excited fans that were screaming his name and not like they were bothered.

However, one fan had the worst kind of snubbing from Baba Nla as he was left with a stigma that would rock him for the rest of his life.

Wizkid cockily avoided the man and went ahead to hug the pretty woman he came to the venue with.

The snubbed man in question is TV presenter, actor and model, Caesar, who also happens to be music star, Eva Alordiah‘s fiance.


However, Wizkid has denied allegations of being a snub

When one fan on twitter posted a video of the incident on the social network, Wizkid quoted the tweet and replied:

“Honestly didn’t see my man! Love always!”


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