Chris Brown Banned For Life.

Popular singer Chris Brown has been banned fro life from a Life Time fitness centre after he lost it a New York City location.

*If Chris Brown had a membership at Life Time Fitness, he sure doesn’t now. In fact, the company with over 100 locations around the US just slapped him with a lifetime BAN! That’s because of his ignorant activities at their NYC operation.

As we reported earlier, Brown was shown the door at the gym Friday after getting into it with a manager. Brown and his crew were on the gym’s basketball court playing loud music, cussing and hurling insults. Witnesses say a manager asked them to leave and Breezy went into spazz mode and had a spit fit on the way out.

A rep for Life Time Fitness says Brown’s actions, behavior and aggression toward their staff was completely unacceptable and they’ve got no place for it.

In other news about Chris Brown,Percy Miller, better known as Master P, has some thoughts for the singer/dancer and Soulja Boy in hopes that their beef will end peacefully.



Speaking with HipHopDx on the matter, thinks both young men should channel their energy towards social causes.

“I think it’s going to be hard because this is not a time for that,” he said. “A lot of people die, we have police brutality and a lot of these artists now can’t even move the way they need to move because it’s so much conflict and so much beef. I just don’t entertain it to be honest with you. I come from a different millennium where we’re just different. I feel like if something happens to any one of these guys, it’s a waste of talent. I would hate to see that. So, I’m definitely praying for them and hope this blows over.”

After hearing bits and pieces of the situation, Mr. Percy Miller says he believed the entire thing was a “social media hoax.” After discovering the layers of gang activity via videos and photos of alleged affiliates from both parties, fans and critics are calling for the beef to end. However, with the input of 50 Cent, a boxing match has been set up in an effort for the two settle their difference – whatever they are, real or made up – into the ring. The fight is scheduled for March, but Master P is hoping the two will see what beef can turn into simply by reflecting on hip hop history.

“I think we should be having fun and making music,” he said. “We’re making money and should be happy. It should be a happy time. For me, 2017 is a happy time. Let’s get out of that because a lot of young artists don’t live to grow up. Tupac and Biggie Smalls died so young.”



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