#BBNaija Day 63: TBoss And The Burnt Sugar Chicken

The #BBNaija Housemates are used to poking fun at one another and this time around it was TBoss that was on the receiving end.

She had made chicken spiced up with sugar on day 62 but it unfortunately got burnt.

After the stylist and Ruutos guys left the #BBNaija House on day 63, a few of the Housemates which included Ultimate Head of House, Efe, Bassey, Marvis and Bally sat around the dining table for a game of WHOT with Bisola sitting on the floor sorting out her toe nails, the topic of discussion that came up was the burnt sugar chicken of the previous day.

Efe told Bassey he didn’t understand why the chicken was black as he joked “na Task?” to the amusement of the other #BBNaija Housemates.

It appears that the issue of the chicken had been building up most of the day because Efe said he had asked TBoss to join her duty-buddy Bally to clean their portion of the House but she had refused saying she wanted to make “sweet chicken”.

Efe then went ahead to say “you know say when person don already play you the tape since morning, but network neva pick”. So as she drop the chicken atop the table, I just connect straight”.

He also went ahead to throw a snide remark towards Bally, whom he called a gentleman for doing all the House chores by himself while TBoss cooked her “sweet sugar chicken”.

The Ultimate Head of House Efe also said “I been think say Biggie give us Task to paint the chicken black oh”, to the amusement of his fellow Housemates who all ended up bursting into laughter again.

Marvis went ahead to tease Bally about putting sugar in his eba, with Head of House, Efe begging them to bring down their voices before TBoss gets upset with him all over again.

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