Men Podcast: Things Women Do That Drive Men Absolutely Crazy.

Men truly love the women they live for. The way they move, groove, shake and bake are just some of the few things why we revere them so. You can’t live without them, and were raised by them… but by all means they are not perfect. Here are the top 7 things women do that could drive a man — and their relationship — insane.

Pretend To Be Saved

There’s nothing more annoying than a woman who claims to love the Lord, yet drops it like it’s hot the night before. If you’re a woman who tries to pass off “twerking for Jesus” as a positive trait, you’ll find yourself walking into service all alone.

Act Jealous About Everything

A true pet peeve for some men is when a woman creates a ruckus over the most minor thing. Men get extremely annoyed when women purposefully try to prompt a reaction. Be straightforward. If you want to be heard, speak clearly. The only person who ends up truly happy is the one who doesn’t complicate things.

Be Two-faced

The reality TV loving woman might want to make sure her life doesn’t imitate the “art” of Basketball Wives. A woman who is phony around others will be looked at critically by a man who witnesses the two-facedness firsthand.

Remain Indecisive

It takes two to make moves in a relationship, and if you’re a woman who is unable to decide then you’ll quickly annoy any man. In an age where equality is being touted as a necessity, a man will want you to know what you want as much as you’d want the same from him.

Try To Change Him

A relationship is all but doomed when a woman thinks she can turn a man into something he never was and has no desire to be.


A woman who constantly scolds, complains, or compulsively urges a man to do something using anxiety as ammo will surely find herself single soon.


Men extremely dislike it when a woman nitpicks everything in sight. Whether she’s going down the list of chores you still have to do or just excessively concerned about your dress, a man will be annoyed if this is your personal trait.




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